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Buyer gets refund 5 months after receiving item

I shipped a pair boots to a buyer. The boots were brand new. They still had the price tag on them. I received my money and everything was fine. But almost 5 months later I received an email stating the buyer is demanding a refund because they received the boots damaged. I tried exhaling to PayPal that the boots were shipped in perfect condition and that the buyer tore them after they received them. But they keep on sending back automated computer responses. The have decided on the dispute. The decision was I have to refund the money and I will receive the boots back in the condition I shipped them. But that’s not the case. The buyer gets back their money and I get back torn boots. The item was sold through ebay and they do not keep the records of sold items for over 90 days. It’s been almost 150. So I have no proof of pictures to show that they were shipped in perfect condition. What do I do?

Posted: May 19, 2015 at 4:55 pm


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