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Chargeback filed despite contract with client

Chargeback at the END of the month from a client WITH A CONTRACT and PayPal allowed this, at least thus far, 12 days into this mess. Similar situation with another client a year ago, and if this current chargeback is allowed to stand, that will be 2 chargebacks, and I’ll surely be booted off anyway.

How can paypal be allowed to abuse merchants this way when they can see years of payments from this client and suddenly without notice and during a signed contract period the client is allowed to claim I made an unauthorized charge??

I have supplied paypal with all my evidence clearly showing that my client had a contract with me and that this was not an unauthorized or fraudulent charge. I do have this sickening feeling in my gut that paypal will ignore the information I have supplied them with and just rule in favor of my client. It seems like there is no protection from paypal when it comes to chargeback. My client is pulling a scam on me and paypal is allowing it to happen.

Posted: June 20, 2012 at 3:21 pm


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4 thoughts on “Chargeback filed despite contract with client
  1. shaniquia on

    Paypal will never ever help you with a charge back. They will lift their skirt and run like a school girl leaving you to fend for yourself. This is such a clear cut case yet I hate to tell you that paypal will most likely find in favor of your client. Paypal has no protection for sellers and far too many sellers are the victims of a scam that paypal chooses to look the other way on.

  2. Anastasia on

    I have to agree with you. I think your gut is right and they will side with your client as I’ve seen this happen over and over again, If you were with a real merchant company this would not be an issue. I had a customer file a charge back with paypal when I used them a year or so ago. I presented then with all the evidence that this was indeed a ture transaction and yet they sided with the customer and I was out $500 and my product. I was royally pissed to say the least. I closed all accounts tied to paypla and searched online for a merchant company and came across this site. http://www.merchantinc.com. I’ve been with them for close to a year and I did receive a charge back but because I had an my ducks i order I won it!

  3. Fur ball 935 on

    Chargebacks are always going to be a risk of taking credit cards. It doesn’t matter what company your with you will undoubtedly face them from time to time. I’ve been a business owner lucky enough to keep my chargeback ratio under 1% which is really good. I have seen people in certain industries that have every other order disputed. Paypal makes it easy to scam sellers because they really don’t do much to support them in the credit dispute process. There are companies out there that go to bat for the merchants, paypal just happens to NOT be one of them.

    • Adnana on

      PayPal is the look biggest mafia in the world.