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Chargeback hell with PayPal

I sold over $600 in merchandise in late 2014 on ebay through paypal, the purchasers left positive feedback saying they got the item and it worked perfectly. About 1 month later paypal in contacting me claiming that the buyers have initiated a chargeback on the payments because their accounts were stolen. However when actually contacted via telephone by payapal they tell me that the buyers all claim to have sent the item back when in actuality they did not. Upon asking for proof that they sent back the item, paypal refused to provide me with that information, and later informed me that the buyers credit card companies had voted in favor of themselves and that I owed $600 plus chargeback fees even though I provided payapal with proof that I sent the item, they received it and thanked me for it, and that they had indeed NOT sent the items back. Paypal then claims that it has no say over this and that the credit card companies have the right to vote in their own favor. This gets better, all the email addresses have since been discontinued and when providing that information to paypal, they claim thats my fault. Paypal did in no way fight for me like they claimed they would and when asked about that fact, they refused to answer.

Posted: February 4, 2015 at 7:17 pm


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