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Charging For Protection

By Tammy

My complaint with PayPal may not be as bad as others, but I feel that you should be made aware of their organized ways.

PayPal promises to protect the Buyer and the Seller, I was duped on both ends.  They would not defend me when I was the Seller, meaning; they would not get the funds owed to me unless I was to pay them a small fee of $25.00, they would not defend me when I was a Buyer and spent $65.00 for a sweater that I never received.  They wanted to charge me $25.00 then as well to get my $65.00 back to me.  I was told that if I wanted them to do something about it, I would have to pay the fee.  Why advertise that they will protect us from thieves and wrong-doers if in fact all they are wanting to do is create a large organize crime ring. Charging for protection, please, it should come with the territory since each of us are contributing to their making millions.

I shall not forget the numerous times I found little unknown charges taken from my bank account, they were for amounts such as $3.00, $1.75, $6.23, small, but if you take enough of these small amounts from enough people, what do you receive?  A pretty hefty amount in return.  I questioned them about it, they never answered my question, just simply ignored me until I quit bothering them with it.  When I would call, I would be put on hold, one time for 65 minutes.  I finally hung up, my cell bill was skyrocketing.

Keep a watchful eye on where your funds go please.  Oh, and how about those returns hugh?  Just love their little investment plan they have going. Anyone really read the fine print on that one?

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:51 am


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One thought on “Charging For Protection
  1. AF teddy on

    Little charges defiantly add up. I had a pager company hit my account 15 times over the span of 6 months. I didn’t even know what Paypal is until my nephew asked to add money to his account. Well that turned into a mission! After doing some research I decided to send him a check instead.