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Couldn’t close paypal account because it is limited

For some unknown reason, Paypal put my account in Limited Status and has demanded 3 forms of identification, which I refused to submit. My account says they retrieved money paid to the ITunes Store for some albums I downloaded and my account has a positive balance. I contacted the ITunes store and they said no such thing ever happened and I changed my payment method to AMEX and there is no further problem there. I then tried to cancel my Paypal account and they will not cancel it because it is in limited status. I asked for the evidence they must have that I am not who I say I am and received no reply. I then told them I have no problem leaving the account in limbo but I want no further communication with them. I know this is risky because they have my bank account information but I just want to be rid of them.

Posted: May 13, 2013 at 6:31 pm


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One thought on “Couldn’t close paypal account because it is limited
  1. Baba on

    PayPal limited my account as well and want
    a) copy of my I.D. or
    b) copy of my driver license or
    c) copy of my bank statement
    otherwise the Limitation will stay

    The biggest fraud ever,,, this was 3 months ago and still keep sending me e-mails