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Complaint about paypal and treatment

Yes there is a problem. There was a problem with my family members account a long time ago. I called and informed the pay pal rep of this and was walked through opening a new account after disclosing this info to him. Even though I disagreed with the decision that was made with the prior account due to the following reasons.

1. My son had been selling shoes online for a long time which he had a 100% satisfaction rating when the gentle man complained about the Kobe shoes not being real because it was missing an extra pair of shoe laces.

2. My son had receipts for the shoes and a letter had been written by Footlocker explaining that Kobe shoes only come with one pair of shoe laces, unlike LEBRONS that come with two which is still true today.

3. Paypal wrote stating that after they review the buyers info about the shoe they would give my son time to present his evidence to them. Which never happened.

P The buyer had complaints on his ebay account of doing the same thing before while ours had again a 100% positive comments for years.

5. Paypal informed the buyer who went around ebay and complained to paypal to destroy my sons shoes, because they had received info from a reliable source that Kobe’s had two laces, which is impossible because they never have and still don’t. Without allowing my son to submit his receipts and letter, which is unbelievably bad business, especially since we never had one complaint except for that buyer who had negative comments on ebay for doing this before.

6. Even the rep at ebay couldn’t believe that PayPal company found in favor of a person with prior complaint vs. our 100% prefect rating, especially not returning the item and destroying them. Even though the account was restricted, paypal continued to send emails stating how great a customer I giving me an approximate $4800.00 credit limit.

I contacted and disclosed this to a paypal rep who walked me through opening my own account to sell my Trackchair which is a chair used to go hunting when you are confined to a wheelchair as I and the buyer of it is do to being hit in Iraqi, while I was a peace officer to which I am now retired.

Yet paypal is treating me like a criminal. Now requesting my address and I.D.’s . MEANWHILE HOLDING THE MONEY THAT WAS PAID TO ME BUY THE BUYER OF MY CHAIR EVEN THOUGH IT WAS CLEARED AND AUTHORIZED BY ME CALLING PAYPAL AND SPEAKING WITH REP WHO CONFIRMED THE DELIVERY OF THE ITEM AND RELEASED THE SECOND PAYMENT. NOW PayPal ARE HOLDING MY MONEY STATING THAT IT WILL BE USED TO PAY PEOPLE WHO COMPLAINED ABOUT WHAT IVE SOLD THEM. MY SON REFUNDED THE LIAR WHO WENT AROUND PayPal AND WOULDN’t send a complaint to ebay due to his prior offenses and knew he could get over on paypal, who do the worst investigating I’ve ever seen. I am requesting my money be released to my checking account,close my account.

Posted: October 20, 2014 at 6:08 pm


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One thought on “Complaint about paypal and treatment
  1. Margie on

    I take online surveys and just found out they only give you the money thru paypal- I’m not happy about that as I don’t want to give out my checking account info. I tried years ago to use a small savings account and it was never accepted. So I contacted PayPal. After 3 times of asking the same question and getting 3 answers that showed they never read the question I was told no problem use you savings account. I tried and was told there was a problem contact Customer service. Over the past 3 days I have contacted Customer Service.. On 3 separate occasions I have asked them DO YOUR PEOPLE ACTUALLY READ THE QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS? I have gotten the same response each time telling me how to enter my information. I am not an idiot, I can read and i have followed their instructions 4 times and keep getting the same response. I got another email from them this morning- another asinine answer. So now I just finished responding all in bold caps. Starting out with there is no doubt in my mind you people don’t have a clue. you obviously do not know how to read or answer a question that has been asked. You people are the ones who told me to contact you because there is a problem with the bank information. NOW WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM AND WHY WILL YOU NOT ACCEPT THE INFORMATION – ROUTING NUMBER (RECEIVED FROM THE BANK VIA A PHONE CALL) AND MY ACCOUNT NUMBER FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS. If I get another STUPID response I will go to the survey company and tell them they are dealing with idiots..