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Credit Card Charge Back

By Chris Barnes

I sold a Dell computer to a fellow on eBay last winter. The paypal account he paid me with did not list an address whatsoever. The person asked to have it shipped overseas and that he would pay the amount. He paid in full with no problems. 3 Months later I recieved an e-mail from paypal saying the credit card that was used to buy the computer was stolen and that the person who owned it wanted his money back. Paypal said it was my fault because I did not ship it to a confirmed address. I responded saying paypal did not provide me with one. I indicated that profile of the buyer has no address listed. Paypal has bill collectors call my house asking for money. I finally sent a letter to paypal telling them I would not pay the $1,500. They then drained my account which had about $200 dollars in it and then locked it. I had to change all my credit cards, bank accounts, etc… in order to make sure paypal didn’t try to get the money that way! They called and harassed me at work, home, and my cell phone. I finally submitted a formal letter written by a lawyer friend telling them we would take them to court if they called again. Haven’t heard from them in about a month.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:45 am


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