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Customer service on phone is no service at all

I called because of Paypal related fraud charges on my banking account. I tried removing my account and the site would not let me. I tried canceling the Paypal debit card, and surprise!, it would not let me.
I called the dreaded overseas customer service line (I say overseas, because they have obviously outsourced). When I was talking to the mechanical sounding person from another country trying oh so hard not to sound as if she didn’t speak English, she was not understanding my issue AT ALL! They are trained to pick up on key words and address from a template, I believe.
I was getting nowhere FAST, not only nowhere, but getting lost on my way to nowhere. I asked her probably a dozen times where the facility she was at was located. She feigned not hearing and would ramble something about the made up problem she was envisioning from her notes. The last time I asked her, before I was on the verge of blowing up and rightfully so I might add, she said something in a foreign language to someone else and they responded in a foreign language.
I’m done with Paypal. I’m canceling my account/s with them. I don’t care that some businesses only use them. If they do, those businesses will be losing my business.

Posted: September 25, 2015 at 6:55 pm


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3 thoughts on “Customer service on phone is no service at all
  1. William on

    I had to take Court action against PayPal in the UK in 2011 for refusing to comply with their User Agreement, I was awarded my claim in the County Court, PayPal made 2 applications to have that Judgement Order set aside, both applications were dismissed by the Court. PayPal even lied to the court. In the UK eBay has made it Mandatory for all Sellers to have a PayPal account, What other countries have the same eBay Mandatory Rules? What action can I take against eBay? PayPal have Stated they do not want my business.

  2. charlie johnson on

    I want to cancel receipt No. 2025-7447-9739-5910.this I about BAM Enterinment LLC. It states pay to PAYPAL*BAMENTERAL.

  3. JOHN on

    Our business account has now been frozen by PayPal for 5 days, for issuing 9 refunds out of approx 200 transactions. We sell watches online, and use PayPal for the payments we receive. Some customers when they receive the goods just aren’t keen, so request refunds, to which we oblige. This has caused PayPal to freeze $17,000 of our money while they “review” the account, 5 days on and still nothing. The email we received stated all reviews would be completed within 48 hours, really????!!!!!. These people are riding rough shot over everyone!!! We have bills to pay and employees to pay, and they are holding 17K of ours!! There must be enough of us in the world to bring a class action lawsuit because this shit ain’t right!! Freezing an account loaded with $$$ because we issued a few refunds, in what universe does that sound acceptable??!!!