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Daylight Robbery by PayPal and EBay

Together EBay and PayPal have managed to make an awful lot of money out of me. As an Ebay seller I have no option but to accept payments through PayPal. But they take such a huge cut of my sales in their so called fees. EBay take a whopping 10% of all sales. I’m nor a power seller, just a regular mum trying to make a bit of pocket money. But I feel as if any profit I do make on selling my kids unwanted toys or clothes is only stolen by greedy PayPal and EBay. Neither of the fat cat money grabbing companies offer sellers protection. In short they are conning people.

Posted: October 28, 2015 at 6:55 pm


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One thought on “Daylight Robbery by PayPal and EBay
  1. Linda Carlisle on

    I sold an item on a yahoo website. My customer assumed my paypal address was the same as my yahoo email. My $20 went into my long dead husband’s account. He died without a will and insolvent. PayPal refuses to give me my money because there is no executor of the estate (no point in spending money to appoint one). It is obvious this transaction was not conducted by someone who has been dead 4-1/2 years, yet they refuse to give me my money. Not one person with authority to over-ride a ridiculous rule – and no ability to send anything other than a canned response – these guys are the kings of delay in hopes you will give up.