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Do Not Use PayPal

By Juan Lopez

I did love Ebay to make my purchases, but sadly I did sign up with Paypal to be able to pay and get the item from Ebay. Was a beatiful dream but Paypal made it nightmare. Paypal say that they are safe jajaja I think for a thieve because if you are the one who got robbed thay said sorry we cannot find that person. Wow if I knew this before about this company I would never get involved with them. I could tell you what happened to me, but I could spend all day telling you my nightmare “PAYPAL” Now if you are a thieve this is the best company to get people to get robbed and get away with it. This words are of a frustrated person who really wish this to do not happen to a good people. For God sake don’t do it. If you are a member already just do not give your Email address to nobody to deposit money because you will be the one who’s gonna pay if is fraudulant transaction even if the person who deposit the money is verified, VERIFIED means nothing to PAYPAL, Paypal to me another kind of thieves. STAY AWAY FROM THEM AND GOOD LUCK.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:16 pm


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2 thoughts on “Do Not Use PayPal
  1. Insane Jane on

    I tell everyone I know “do not use paypal.” Shopping using paypal is taking a giant risk every time. Paypal claims they are safe, easy and efficient to use but actually they are quite the opposite. Paypal doesn’t care if you have a problem with them either they just put you on hold or hang up on you. I will never shop using Paypal again. Never! Never! Never! I don’t know why anybody uses them.

  2. Anne Mary on

    Paypal sucks for real!!!!!!!!!! i will never use them! they are false and don’t care about nobody but themselfs. Shopping, using, or collecting is nothing but, a pure headache. I used them not to long ago, and went threw the same nightmare. You are right and I hope no one, repeat no one uses Paypal again!!!!!!!