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Don’t Ever Use PayPal

By Mike Paolino

For all of you that are interested in my story, take a seat and read this. It’s very interesting.

First of all, my impression of paypal at the begining was very good like many of you. It quickly turned bad when my first transaction went bad because my transaction amount was over one thousand dollars. To paypal this amount is a big red light, and they held those funds in my account. Now here comes the doozy. I sent out the computer i sold for the thousand dollars, and the person decides to place a buyer complaint agaisnt me. So now i got a buyer complaint and a limitation. During this limitation I had to submit 4 things which wasn’t too bad. Some of the things were my address, my social, and some other things. All of a sudden after submitting those things, i recieve a letter saying paypal no longer wants to deal with you because of excessive risk. Meanwhile I only did one transaction with them. Wow what a big kick in the ass!

 Anyway I was given more options to submit things, so i figured maybe they want me to do these extra 6 things to regain access. Maybe that’s why they sent that letter. So all together that’s 10 things i had to do. Wow what a big ordeal after only one transaction. So after all that, paypal sent me numerous emails saying i had to provide them with information on where i got my item. I sold to that person, and i said that wasn’t one of the requirments. They said yes it was it was in the list of things to fax over, and I said no it wasn’t.They keep telling me yes it was when i specifically read everything to send plus i called earlier to verify what to send.

Wow paypal is a big fat lier.Anyway i submited the info, and after all that, I called again. The manager told me i got a letter a while back saying paypal no longer wanted to do business with me, and i was like i know that. He said well that means none of the other things you did are acceptable, and i said well why did they ask me to do them. He said well i’m sorry you went threw that trouble sir but i can no longer help you because paypal no longer wants anything to do with you. WOW THE NERVE OF THESE MOTHER FUCKERS telling me they don’t want to deal with me after one transaction and after submitting 10 things to them which got me no where. I wasted about a month of my life, and it’s left me with a heart ache and a head ache.

I’m glad i found this site though i did not no there was alot of you like me with these kinds of problems but anyway the point of this story is if you have to submit info to paypal don’t waste your time because in the end all your going to get is a clik on that phone from them, and your going to have one big frustration head ache. And you’re going to want to hurt something so dont even bother. if you do decide to call them, tell them off like you never told someone of before. LOL. I wonder what they will do. Hey i think if they get a lot of people telling them off pretty soon they will get sick of it and stop freezing people’s accounts for dum reasons. Even so i will never use paypal again.

If anyone wants to file suit against paypal for destroying their life and leaving you with a headache, let me know maybe if we have enough people. We can file suit and make a big impact on their lives like they did ours.

email me wizkidmachine@yahoo.com

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:11 am


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2 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Use PayPal
  1. William Keith Hutton on

    never get involved with PayPal. I will never do business with any company connected with PayPal again.

    • Slack on

      Pay pal recently assisted a so called customer to steal my sons Loui Futton belt. By upholding a customer complaint against my son. Just 2 days after the item was posted to the customer, the customer submitted the complaint and the payment was withdrawn from my sons account.The customer was refunded and received the item also. Therefore stole the item, this was assisted by pay pal, who were not interested in my sons case. Never ever use this company to pay for any kind of on-line purchases.