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Don’t Trust PayPal

By Bradley

PayPal has froze my account and is holding over $1100.00+ of my $$$ & wont release it  because some one in the past used my SS number with out my knowledge. I will never use pay pal again i only hope you will never become a victim like i have. PAYPAL has not an any way tried to help or work with me on this issue so PAYPAL has took my money from a sale of my bmw (deposit) then froze my account and wont release my my $$ to me (meanwhile the new owner of my car is vary satisfied with the sale) They have made it impossible for me to resolve this issue. therefore i have been had by the person whom some how got my SS # and PAYPAL whom i am currently am pursuing a lawsuit against. . ps  when it comes to selling and using paypal I would not trust them as they do NOT protect their True customers witch are the sellers. you can buy using paypal  but I would NOT TRUST PAY PAL with YOUR $$$$


Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:50 am


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