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Can I get my eBay account back?

I was a member of eBay since 2007, but was banned in late 2012 because I was deemed a ‘threat’ to the eBay community. I was told that I opened too many claims against sellers, but it was not my fault if I never received my item(s), if the item(s) arrived damaged or in worse condition than as described. I attempted to get my account back, but was passed around to different departments and was never given a direct answer on why telling the truth is horrible. My seller account was in perfect standing and many times I achieved Power Seller Status. My rating stayed consistently above 99% and was usually near 100%. I would love to have my account back – (1) to buy and sell – and (2) just to stick it to eBay. Is there any hope for me?

Posted: March 28, 2014 at 6:57 pm


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