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Ebay and PayPal frozen site

On January 15th I tried to purchased a book at an excellent price from an honest Ebay seller. The site then froze. I was still signed in so I immediately called Ebay and spoke to 4 different incompetent agents over the next 5 hours without success.

I then tried PayPal with identical results. After a total of 8 hours attempting to rectify the confusion to no avail, I gave up and notified the seller of my predicament. You can imagine my rage when he instituted a failure to pay action. Our emails had crossed. He messaged me his apology and refunded the full purchase price. We are great friends now and he is now my preferred seller.

My son, who lives in a different state, rectified the problem last night. This has to be a tale for the annals of the ages. Why is everything so hard with eBay and PayPal? This wasn’t a huge problem yet no help was available.

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Posted: January 19, 2015 at 7:47 pm


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