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eBay and PayPal play the blame game while holding my money

Because some buyers have chosen to open a case even after a full refund, PayPal have decided to place a hold on my money until delivery of all my items.

PayPal took money from my bank account to refund a customer even though the money was available in my PayPal balance. I called eBay and they blamed PayPal, so I called PayPal and they blamed eBay, so after 4 hours of explaining the same thing to 10 different people, being transferred and put on hold numerous times, I’m in the same situation, PayPal has my money locked up. I am using eBay to survive as the job market has dried up here, I can’t afford the shipping, what do they expect me to do?

I’ve decided to abandon my eBay business and use a different site. Here’s the catch I STILL have to use PayPal!! Give me a break there has to be a better way without using these companies and feeling like I went to the proctologist just to make a living.

Posted: September 2, 2014 at 6:55 pm


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