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Ebay Rejected My Password

By Lillie

The other day, a week ago, I tried to log in to sell. My password was rejected. I went into live help, and spoke with about 10 different people at different times. I was promised a temporary password in about 24 to 72 hours. 5-days has passed with no password. I tried to change my password, but not being able to log in, I couldn’t. Paypal is wanting me to let them know if I am still registered on ebay. I can’t get into anything that I have to use my password to enter. Today my husband signed on so we can sell until I get my information back- if I ever do. I hate that mabe part of my information is out there, and I can’t get to it. Is it possible that ebay has a telephone number I could call?


Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:17 am


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3 thoughts on “Ebay Rejected My Password
  1. Nathan Wright on

    I recently experienced a sign in issue myself. I have no luck with the password reset option either.I was looking for their number myself and found this:

    Is There a PayPal Phone Number?

    Is There a PayPal Phone Number?

    Yes, there is a PayPal phone number you can call for immediate inquiries. For the quickest service, we recommend using our Help Center before you call the PayPal phone number.

    Our easy-to-use Help Center can answer your questions quickly. Since PayPal’s Customer Service Representatives answer many inquiries each day, the Help Center features a database of questions with answers ready for you. To visit the PayPal Help Center, simply click the Help link located on the upper right corner of any PayPal page. Then, type your question into the search box at the top of the Help Center page, and you’re sure to find the answer you’re looking for.

    If you do not find the answer you need using the Help Center’s search box, the PayPal Customer Service team is also ready to answer your questions via email. When you email us with your question, we’ll send you a prompt reply.

    If you have an issue of immediate concern and cannot find your answer in the Help Center, or via email, you can use the PayPal phone number found in our Help Center to call us, please.

    HELLO JUST GIVE THE NUMBER TO ME ….!!! I went to the help desk and still no luck. Please if anyone knows the number give it to me please.

  2. Carmen V. on

    These people are so ridiculos, why a company that big and claims to go out of their way to help you with any problems you have , to give you this
    run around for nothing. It is so simple, can’t sign in? call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx. That is why i won’t deal with them. If i don’t see a number i can contact, than that shows me lack of respnsiablity in their part to comunicate with their clients. Unacceptable and wrong.

  3. Alendro Souza on

    Unfortunately you will have to sign in with eBay as well. I wanted to get in contact with them for I needed to see what has been this hold up with my purchases not going threw. I looked and looked for a customer service number and couldn’t find one any where. I never saw something like this in my life. So after so many emails sent to them, I was able to get assistance. I decided to close my account. I didn’t want to go with another issue dealing with only emails. Talking to a live representative is a lot easier and faster. . If you want a better service, and hassle free communication go with merchant Inc. That is what I did and I am very happy.