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My email account is tagged to someone’s paypal account

My story with PayPal is this:

It seems that my email address is tagged to someone else´s paypal account…whom i have no connections with. I have received numerous emails from them about feedback, unusual card transactions and transactions..all tagged to my email.

When I contacted a general email feedback line I found on their website, i received an email reply saying that they could not write me because I did not have a registered paypal account (but how can i set one up because my email is already tagged to someone else´s account). So i proceed to using skype to contact them ..paying to make the call because i want my email disconnected from that particular account, or if it was an honest typo of email addresses, if they could contact the actual account holder and tell him or her to make the appropriate address change.

I was transferred to 3 agents, having to repeat my story every time, and being told by the first 2 agents that they did not have any authority to cancel the account because only the final agent (agent no. 3 in the frauds dept) would have the authority to do something about it.

After 30 minutes of long distance call charges, I was told by Agent no. 3 that PayPal cannot disconnect my email from the account it is tagged to (simply because I told them so) unless the account is inactive for 2 years!

I then asked if they could contact (as in make a call) to the account holder (because from my understanding, one needs a contact number to créate an account) and was told by them that they are an inbound call centre (which means they cannot call out). All this time, Agent no. 3 was also trying to assure me that she was doing everything she could to contact the person in question..which left me to ask her if she was going to send an email to me–because the contact email is my account. She did not answer and I told her point blank, it is ridiculous because I am not going to answer them because i cannot solve the problema.

I can understand if there are typos when people are entering email addresses etc, but what I cannot understand is how Paypal has the right to continue tagging my email to an account, despite my plea with them to resolve and remove it from the account in question. What further puzzles me is how they can take 2 years to resolve issues like that? I am reasonable and do not expect it to be done immediately, but surely they would be capable of calling the account holder and if there is no reply from them, they would be able to cancel the account within 3 months etc, because it is also an infrigement of my privacy.

I was quite unnerved by what i got to know and decided that this is once again an example of big organisations pushing their bad policies on powerless individuals like us. It is ridiculous!

Does anybody know if there is a consumer association that i can go to, or what sort of rights do i have as a private citizen in the age of the internet?

Posted: September 25, 2014 at 6:44 pm


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