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Family affair, PayPal limits everyone in family

My mother was strapped for cash one month so I lent her $500. Fast forward a couple months and here she is ready to pay me back. I live a good distance away so we made the genius decision to transfer her $$$ via PayPal. She bought a MyCash card for $500 and sent me $500 to my PayPal account.

Everybody’s happy. The end.

—-Not so fast. I woke up 3/11 to an email notification – your PayPal business account has been limited…blah blah, shares information with a limited account blah blah. *Cue 4 letter words*. My personal account had been limited as a result of an inquiry into my mother’s transfer. I call PayPal, get through the automated system, and get connected to possibly the rudest CS rep ever. In his defense, I was already ballistic because of the situation..my Business account had been limited, and I had $3000 frozen without knowing why! I explain the situation to him, but he doesn’t buy it. My parents are remarried so my mother has a different last name. It’s not that uncommon, PayPal. I offer to send receipts, pictures, documentation, and a picture of me popping out of this woman’s nether region to prove that my mother sent the money. “Unfortunately….high risk…..part ways.” My accounts are both limited. My mother isn’t the first relative to send me money via PayPal, though, so it doesn’t end there. She got a notification – “limited….inquiry…..cannot be appealed.” My sister got a notification – “…cannot be appealed.” My fiancee got a notification – “…cannot be appealed.” And I guess to make sure all their bases were covered, my ebay buyer account with over 5 years experience and no disputes got blocked today. I’m still calling daily and now I’m simply not being told anything. I royally pissed off whomever I talked to.

So, for now, PayPal has my wedding fund. At least if they hold it I won’t blow it all beforehand….I just have to move the date to sometime after September.

Posted: March 13, 2015 at 6:01 pm


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