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Forced to give paypal bank account or get their credit card

HI, I have been an EBAY/Paypal member for over ten years. I have maintained a separate checking account to meet the BS requirement of “being verified”, even though Paypal has two credit cards on file. My loving bank just upped my monthly fee to have a Paypal bank account (=hassle) to $7 per month, or $84 per year just to use crappy paypal to buy sh** and crap on Ebay. I read as much as I could find at Paypal which I understood.. that after 10 years of bulletproof 100% track record I might actually take their hands off my checking account. Closed bank account, tried to buy a $6 phone belt clip and all methods of payment other than Bill me Later.. on Paypal new checking account…. were grayed out.. gone! After some checking around .. I discover that NOPE… you can’t pay anyone with my existing credit cards any more… can only use theirs, or give back a bank account to tap… or attempt to get me to use on every single transaction… so they can avoid the credit card discount.. what this is all about.

Ebay is too damn convenient for me to just give up, and they have an ironclad grip on the monopoly payment system. Hat their stinking criminal guts.

Posted: September 6, 2012 at 3:39 pm


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One thought on “Forced to give paypal bank account or get their credit card
  1. Bruce on

    Paypal took $752 out of my checking account that I HAD REMOVED!! That’s when I had it with them and after some research found out that you don’t have to use paypal when selling on eBay. Who knew? eBay never told me this. I was able to set up a merchant account and link it to my ebay store and I will never use paypal again :)