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Forgotten Paypal account racking up unauthorized charges

To Paypal;

I had a pay pal account 2 or more years ago and had never used it and actually had forgot about it. This month alone someone from you guys has been trying to steal money from my bank account without authorization, which is illegal and i don’t want this to happen anymore though pay pal. Whoever this person is they have tried to get out $5000.00 from an account that doesn’t carry extra money in. Your organization is suppose to be secure as you claim is your ads, will it is not, and for someone that can get into someone ? secured account is a scam and i don’t appreciate it . I have canceled my pay pal and will never get another one cause it is a lie. I want you to replace any NFS funds that my bank charged me for which isn’t even right and they knew i don’t carry any kind of money in the account. My bank and i will bring charges against you and the person that is stealing or scamming me. The NFS charges were $ 34.00 3 different times and i expect them to be refunded.

Posted: December 18, 2012 at 7:13 pm


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2 thoughts on “Forgotten Paypal account racking up unauthorized charges
  1. MW on

    Is your bank able to reverse the charges? You should also consider closing your bank account and open a new one that paypal does not have access to so this does not happen again. Even though you canceled your paypal account they still keep all your information including bank account numbers and have been known to take money after accounts have been closed if they feel like you owe it.

  2. Gerald on

    They kept making little charges, less than a dollar, to my Bank account. And it would pay it back a couple hours later. Still not sure why. Then I find out from my bank I had 6 overdrafts! Just a few cents each. $150 surcharge! Paypal wouldn’t talk to me about it.