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Forze my account and said I owed money from 5 years ago

I started selling comics on ebay, and things went great. I was not allowed access to ANY of the money I was receiving in my paypal account, until I ended up having to pawn my camera (that I needed to list the comics!) to pay for the shipping to the customers! When I asked for some money to be released (I had over 2000 in the paypal balance)they released 350 dollars and the NEXT DAY they froze my account and said I owed them 1500 dollars from over 5 years before from some account that I had nothing to do with! They would not tell me ANY DETAILS or evidence, but said that they were satisfied that it was ME and that was that! All I had left to do was I refunded all the people I has sent the comics to and tried to ask them to send me the money through the mail. Some did but many did not so I lost several hundred dollars in the end. I have at least half a dozen HORROR stories and examples of CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR in the extreme by these bastards, no wonder the founder is now a BILLIONAIRE who is long since gone from paypal (he stole all he needed and split! What a scam paypal is!

Posted: August 27, 2012 at 3:31 pm


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2 thoughts on “Forze my account and said I owed money from 5 years ago
  1. Raoul Gimmize on

    I am sure paypal have thousands upon thousands of accounts that have been abandoned with negative balances and the only way paypal can think of collecting on these accounts are to pin them to their current users and make them pay for someone else mistake. Paypal tend to “link” these accounts to people that have a decent amount of money in their paypal account and then limit them with the promise of restoring their account as soon as they “pay what they owe”. Extortion is what it is!!

  2. lovelylady on

    They are thieve. Still from the poor to make themselves rich. They pulled the same bullshit on me. Saying I owed over 2k in fees from a previous account. Ummm no this is the only account I have EVER had with them. Thankfully I only had about 50 bucks in my account when they closed me down because I refused to pay someone else debt.