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Fraud Payment For £280

By P Mann

Message Hi, i recently received a payment for £280, i’m in the uk by the way, i sold some records, what has happened is the person that bought them from me, made a sale on the same day, he sold a phone, the person who bought that phone, sent him the money by fraud, (i’m told) now he sent that money to me, now, he sent the phone to this person, and i sent the records to him,

Now the person who sent the fraudulent payment, has a free phone, the person who sold the phone, has records to replace the phone, and me i have nothing, no money, and no records, i’m sick of paypal emails basically telling me its not their problem, and its my problem, surely this isnt legal, i’m a consumer, and i’m not being protected against this, they ask for all this information to get a refund, but basically they are makin it as hard as possible so they dont have to pay out,

this is a disgrace man, how can they be allowed to do this?

Why is it that i am responsible for people making fraudulent payments?

Pay(we keep your money)Pal is not taking responsibility for this and i’m the one out of pocket,

What can i do?

Please Please help

Thanks all

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:52 am


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