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Fraud sponsored by eBay and Pay Pal

In 10-10-2012 I bid a Brand New Western Digital My Book Essential 3 TB External Hard Drive USB 3.0, using option buy it now in e-Bay italy. The price was very cheap (69 euro!) and includes free shipping. The seller had low feedback (3) and he sold only very cheap things (at 0,01 euro!). The price was impossible and usually I shouldnt bid because it seems like a scam. However, e-Bay sponsored a link to a list of recent bids on the item, indicating nicknames of the buyers and quantities. The seller start with 500 drives and have sold, only in a few 2 or 3 days an amount of 248 drives, having people buying 2 and 3 drives. As the form of payment was Pay Pal, which is associated with a secure way of payment, I start thinking that it may be a good deal and seller may have a form of win some money with the deal. Than, I risk bidding, expecting to see positive feedback in the short term.
Two or 3 days after, I link to my eBay page and I realized that seller has a negative feedback of 4, this means that he have received 7 negative feedbacks. Moreover, the seller was not anymore registered on eBay and I have not any way to see the reasons for the negative feedback, because when I click on the item, it is displayed that it is no longer available and has been removed
I sent a message to seller, trough eBay, but he didnt answer. I claim to eBay.it and they answered me that I should contact eBay USA, because Im a registered member from there. I have contacted eBay USA and I received as answer that I should contact eBay Italy, because the item was bid there.
Thus, from eBay I didnt receive any useful answer!
I opened a dispute on Pay Pal. They contacted the seller (if we can give it that name!) and he has sent a tracking number of a registered mail from China! It was supposed the item came from Italy, but it was sent from China! However, due the nice price, even considering tariffs it may be a nice price. After 1 month I have received a little letter. I didnt open the letter, because it was impossible to have inside more than a piece of paper. I informed the Pay Pal. After 1 week, they requested me to return the item for seller at my own cost. However I didnt receive any item, but only a little letter! I made a call to Pay pal services, informing that I didnt see any advantages to return the letter, except for wasting money. Moreover, it will be impossible to return the item because the address was in Chinese (unreadable) and I have requested a link to upload files. I have received an e-mail with the requested link and I sent pictures of received letter and an exposition for the case. The day after I have received a new message requesting tracking number, which means that they didnt look for the information I have already sent. I uploaded again the files and I have done a new exposition document, which I uploaded too.
Finally I have found a way to returne the letter for sender and I informed Pay Pal. After a few days of accurate investigation from Pay Pal, They have requested me to fill a claim in National Police and to submit a copy of the police report to PayPal, otherwise Pay Pal close the case.
It seems to me that such case is obvious enough! The seller has sold 248 drives. He is not anymore registered on eBay and has a negative feedback. I suppose they should have more claims from other buyers about the same deal. I have sent the pictures from received letter. It is obvious that such letter was sent from China, because it has the label of custom declaration (declaring accessories) and as it has the same tracking number that seller have sent to Pay Pal. Instead of a obvious case, it was transformed in a Police case, giving me troubles and wasting of time and money.
It concerns a cheap item (69 euro) and I have years of history in eBay and pay Pal bidding items of 500 euro and more than 1000 euro, without problems. This case seems to me a fraud sponsored by eBay and Pay Pal, because in an obvious case of fraud, they have done everything to avoid the refund of money, complicating its resolution and protecting the fraudulent seller.
Moreover, 2 months after returning the letter for China, I have received the letter returned, which means that perhaps seller doesnt exist! Perhaps it is a simulation exercise from Pay Pal and eBay!

Posted: March 8, 2013 at 5:22 pm


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