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Frozen account for 6 months

Hi , I have been with paypal over TEN YEARS without incident, buying and selling on a regular basisand maintaining in the account an average of 1000 dollars at all time. Until mid september where I purchase a large lot of merchandise from a local auction. I found a buyer and he insisted on paying by paypal. after negociating the fees with the purchaser, I contacted paypal and advised them that I wil be receiving a 30000 dollars wire from a verified long time customer as well and very well known to paypal due to the large transactions that he operates on a regular basis . I got the OK from the paypal assholes and received the wired from my customers. TWO DAYS later , I received an anonymous call from somebody claiming to be from the paypal fraud department. He asked me to prove that I am a legit business and reuqested all sorts of proof including drivers license and social insurance number . I complied with the request except I refused to send the invoice of how much merchandise has cost me…. as a result of protecting my source, my account has been frozen for the next SIX month by an asshole named KAY. ….BURNED BY paypal

Posted: November 8, 2012 at 4:17 pm


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2 thoughts on “Frozen account for 6 months
  1. Chris on

    11 years with paypal then I get an email that hey wish to “part ways with me and hope that it will not disrupt my business” or some kind of crap like that.And to top it off they are holding the nearly $5000 i had in my account for 180 days. I have my lawyer looking in to this right now to see if there is anything that can be done.

  2. Bill Howell on

    My account was frozen without warning after 12 years being a Premier, verified member with sending & receiving money set to unlimited. As soon as I get this straighten out goodbye Paypal.