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Frozen Account

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

They froze my account for 6 days over a holiday weekend, I was crying and begging. Guess what no holiday dinner. They said I had an invalid credit card on my account and I would need to fax my drivers license, electric bill, and some other utility bill.

I finally emailed them some info I found from a pay pal warning site and asked them is this happening to me? I had my money the next day. Real merchant accounts are not good either because that is what I went to after pay pal. When someone does a chargeback on you they automatically take the money out of your bank account no matter what the amount at any given time.

Then you tell them you are still owed a deposit because they are non refundable they will then take your money out of your account again except for the deposit. If all goes well within the 30 days and the customer agrees they will deposit back the orignal they took out. And the fees are alot higher than pay pal. I am going to try to get an account where I can take their money right out of the checking and hold their products until everything clears.

I have went back to pay pal and I only keep enough in the bank account to just keep it open and then I take out my money when transferred by pal pal or take it out by debit and put it all in another account.

Guess what though I did get pay pal back.

Someone cancelled an order on me but I had already taken the money out. So my account went negative. Guess what I kept the money and quit using that pay pal account and closed my bank account. I got $850.00. They did report it to the credit bureau but I didn’t care. When they wrote to me concerning the money, I told them they would need to send me a copy of their drivers license and utility bill before I would pay them. to this date I have received nothing LOL

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:56 am


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