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Frustration over Fraud and lack of Customer Support

My Letter to PayPal:

Fraud has been committed on my account. You have limited my account.
You want to have me log on to help YOU on this problem.

I CAN’T LOG ON. YOUR LIMITATION STOPS ME. SO HOW CAN I PROCEDE. EVERTHING YOU WANT ME TO DO REQUIRES ME TO LOG ON. YOU’VE INVALIDATED MY LOG IN. I can’t contact you in anyway to straighten it out. You must be afraid to give a phone number to contact a human. Good business practice. You’re losing me as a customer and I use you for about everything.

Aren’t you aware of this major flaw in your system?
You list no phone number or method in which to speak with a real american human. This is not a problem that can be solve by your damned recordings. I need actual customer service!

Your fraud department somehow received bogus information. I know the agent I talked to was very competent and repeated the correct info back to me. So somewhere between her and you, it got corrupted.


Please make this simple… give me a number or I’m going to try to find a corporate phone number and talk directly to some vice president. Answer me without some “no-reply” email. I now expect you to get this all confused and wrong and it won’t be corrected by some damn recording. I need a people!

Posted: May 11, 2012 at 3:42 pm


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5 thoughts on “Frustration over Fraud and lack of Customer Support
  1. Dylan Lambert on

    Even if you get a number to call they will probably put you on hold and then disconnect the call 20 minutes later. Paypals customer service is horrible and I would imagine that their fraud department must be busy with all the fraudsters and scammers using paypal to rip people off.
    I had a problem once that I couldn’t solve on my own so I called Paypals customer service but those people couldn’t tell an apple from an orange and just kept transferring me around and keeping me on hold for 10 minutes at the time and when I finally got the person that was supposed to help me he told me to visit their website for further assistance and hung up WTF?!?

  2. Shiela on

    This realy deosn’t surprise me. Fraud on your account and they want you to log into you account when they limited your account. Another reason why paypal sucks! They have horrible customer service and probably dont even have a fraud department. I had problems with fraud on my account and got the same run around you did. After about a month of nothing happening I decided to check around for an alternative to paypal and came across this site. http://www.merchantinc.com

  3. Janessa Love on

    Their customer service is horrible. I have been trying to reach someone for weeks now. I feel your frustration.

  4. Janette on

    Paypals lack of customer support is amazing to me. What is the point of having that option of there is noone there to help you or give you any kind of answer. My experience with them was horrible. THey placed me on hold for 20 minute to only turn around and hang up on me, I seriously HATE this company!

  5. Gerri on

    I tried for months to get a hold of someone in paypals customer service with no luck! How do you run a company but don’t have any live people to talk to? This is a bunch of BS. I’m glad that I found this site and learned that I am not the only one who had these kind of problems with them. After reading all the horror stories on this site I decided to close my account with them and open a real merchant account/