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Funds held despite 100% positive feedback

I’ve been buying quite a lot on E-Bay (100% positive Feedback) now for about 3 years and only sold items twice in the past. Firstly I am a collector and I only sell stuff when I need the $ to make ends meet. The two first times I sold I had no problems whatsoever but this time, E-Bay & PayPal decided to punish me for not having sold enough by holding my money without any prior notice.

I really didn’t know about this policy. I could barely afford the postage on my own. I sent the items registered and uploaded a tracking#. I got in touch with E-Bays customer support and they couldn’t provide me with a good argument for why they have this policy. Although friendly E-Bay customer support seems to be run by robots. So even though I have already sent the items and provided E-Bay with tracking# and having good contact with my buyer i still have to wait for my money. So E-Bay & PayPal really ruined everything for me. The worst thing is that I have two more auctions ending in a day or two and customer support couldn’t say if they would hold my money again or not.

First E-Bay gets a chunk of my money, then PayPal gets a chunk of it and as if that were not enough PayPal decides to “hold” MY money including the shipping that actually isn’t a profit for me. One thing is for sure…I will never sell anything on E-Bay again.

Posted: February 11, 2014 at 6:46 pm


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