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Things were looking good until paypal limited my account

I recently moved and I’m a struggling student. I spent all the money I had in my savings for four iPhones on craigslist which were a good deal at 1500 for all 4. These were all legitimate phones that were unopened and sealed and had no issues whatsoever. I tried to resell them on craigslist to make some money back but the first person I met with ran off as soon as I handed him the phone, so in an attempt to try to at least break even having learned my lesson, I went to ebay and sold the remaining three phones all within 2 weeks of each other, for over 500 each.

Things were looking good until paypal limited my account, not allowing me access to any of my funds for 180 days.This was all the money in the world I have to my name, and it’s locked up making interest for paypal for 6 months now. My ebay account got closed because I couldn’t pay the seller fees because paypal wouldn’t release my money to ebay to cover the fees. The account was then sent to collections. I still don’t have any means to pay my seller fees on ebay. I don’t have money to pay my rent, I’ve tried calling paypal multiple times asking them why they are doing this, their excuse is they have 180 days in which a customer can file a chargeback against them.

All three customers that received the three phones I sold have left positive feedback, they signed for the packages, i have proof of their signatures, and they were all satisfied with their phones. What paypal is doing now is essentially earning interest on my money that they won’t pay out to me, i’m going to be homeless by the end of the month, I’ve provided the documentation they’ve asked for, and they refuse to do anything until 180 days has passed. This is a complete nightmare, I’m in tears as I write this, I can’t sleep at night, I’m starting to run out of options, please can you help me?

Posted: May 12, 2015 at 6:14 pm


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2 thoughts on “Things were looking good until paypal limited my account
  1. karemn on

    Very easy to solve this problem am have same limited. ..just hash tag 8n twitter like # shredding my paypal card .. with small video. .you found thousand or more share u..just

  2. Auction Essistance on

    100% agree, we messaged PayPal about why our clients got limited because they are always general in their messages.

    Not much of a surprise when they responded with a general answer.