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Everything was great until one day

I used PayPal successfully for a decade. everything was great until one fine day, I went to transfer a grand from my account into my verified and confirmed bank account. Without reason the transaction was reversed and my acount blocked, perhaps because I am on vacation and not at my usual home address.
does it make a difference?
Furthermore, I am unable to provide the proof to them that I need as I am not at home, and my telephone number for verification is a cellular, and they apparently discriminate against those that do not have an old fashioned land line. Just as soon as I can get it all sorted I am taking all my money out , and they can shove my account up their ass. I lived for 50 years without PayPal. Sure can manage without them.
I will go on the warpath and work against these ungrateful schmucks any way that I can .
Why did they block my account and why do they prevent me from getting my money? I did nothing to them. Why do they then make it impossible for me to retrieve my money? Spread the word PAYPAL SUCKS

Posted: August 3, 2012 at 3:06 pm


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2 thoughts on “Everything was great until one day
  1. Jackie on

    That is how my paypal story begins to. Then paypal sucked the life out of me and my small business for reasons unknown to me. Out of the blue one day my account was limited and they were holding $3000 of my money which I needed to buy inventory. Paypal said they would hold that money for 180 days incase of disputes or chargebacks and I could no longer use my account. I lost a ton of orders because I could not fill them and shortly there after I had to shut down my buainess.

  2. David Delist on

    Wow that sounds like quite the story. Does anyone know of better solutions than paypal? I’ve done a few searches and I’m a little nervous about starting up with a new company. My paypal account was limited due to negative feedback. They said I had too many complaints and it wouldn’t be reinstated until I got more positive reviews. Here’s the shocker…. I only had two transactions, one positive, one negative, how they base my record on two orders is beyond me.