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Holding my money for 21 days is a scam!

Holding my money for 21 days is a scam!. i have never had a problem with any of my sales i have 100% feedback , yet paypal will not let me have my money for 21 days ?am i missing the point here this is money that is ours , some of the money covers the cost for postage !!!!! yet we cant get ours but yet paypal can take there fees straight away ?sorry but if there is a hold then paypal should have to wait for there fees aswell .

quite frankly i think this is stupid and wrong i normaly give people the choice for recorded delivery as to keep post costs down , its ok for buyers to rip us sellers off but when it comes to us we are just targeted maybe paypal should look at individual accounts and not just judge us cos of the small minority of scammers , they have our bank and card details , address and numbers is this not proof enough we are not going to rip people off , its very easy for a buyer to say that they have not received an item as they chose not to do recorded its there word against yours and yet they win and your out of pocket so now paypal have held our money and if the buyer wants to say something is wrong etc you are out of pocket etc

im sorry to rant but i dont sell on here to rip people off i sell stuff as to good to throw away and sell on and with the money i buy from other sellers stuff that i want in return now thats all gone to corrupt and 2 sales ive just done which have been bigger than i have ever sold even though i started it at 99p has been held it feels like you are giving people credit now and let them decide after they receive goods if they want the item or not its all wrong and i may turn to selling on amazon and other sites again

Posted: September 4, 2013 at 6:29 pm


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One thought on “Holding my money for 21 days is a scam!
  1. ian on

    totally agree!
    They have just done this to me today, last week i sold stuff and had no issue but today they say they are keeping me money for up to 21 days.
    I have also got 100% positive feedback, have been a member of ebay AND paypal for over 9 years and im still treated to this.

    I will phone them tomorrow and ask why they are doing this to me. If they still block my money it will be the last time i ise paypal/ebay