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Holding My money for at least 21 days

Recently I sold a item on Ebay for more than 600.00 I have a 100% positive feedback and not had any problems been doing business with Ebay and Pay Pal since 2000 I was paid for the item instantly from my buyer with Pay Pal Ebay Removes their fees instanly from these funds, also Pay Pal removes their fees instantly, Ebay says that it is ok to ship the item, I ship the item to the customer, only find that pay pal and ebay says they are to keep my funds for 21 days and possibly more time if the customer finds fault with the product This puts me in a bad situation I have no product and no money for my product also no money for shipping the item The only reason I sell things on ebay is to pick up some extra cash now and then, Also to get the cash faster than conventional ways of advertising in local papers Etc, So this made me get twisted with Pay Pal and Ebay, I contact Pay Pal and get a customer service representative and he tells me this is for my own protection He was polite and tried to explain how this was so good of a deal but pretty much said it in a way that possibly Pay Pal just permits him to say only what Pay Pal wants him to say
After I thought about this for a while I come to the conclusion that Pay Pal is making me a Banker and they would like to use my money interest free for 21 days or longer to my expense, When I get a short term loan like this from my bank I can pay as High as 21% interest so If Pay Pal would like to pay me 21% interest on my money I will keep putting things on Ebay they can keep my my money for the 21 days then could give me my money and also send me a Interest Payment of 21 % This would work for bank rolling their operation and I would not feel so bad that they are keeping my money for this time
should make it manditory that each one of its customers would receive this amount for lost revenues, Ebay Pretty much makes It Manditory to use only this form of money to purchase something on Ebay they should have to pay good interest tou use your money

Posted: December 10, 2013 at 8:13 pm


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