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Horror Stories Are Real

By Liz

I though the horror stories were urban legends until they happened to me. My fiance and I found a way to supplement our income and finance our wedding by selling various items on eBay. We were making some decent money and PayPal decided to contact me regarding “additional security measures” due to increased activity. I submitted most of the required information and they decided to close my account because I was a “high risk.” I thought their ruling was complete bull so I filed complaints with the FTC and the California Attorney General’s offce but those clowns were so evasive with their responses; it’s like they copied and pasted an e-mail that they sent to me and gave it to the agency in question.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:54 am


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2 thoughts on “Horror Stories Are Real
  1. Debbie Downer on

    Pay Pal is SHITTY! No one explained to me that they’re criminals until after the fact! Your urban legend is a reality now. I was so frustrated with these assholes who could not explain the reason behind closing my account. They still owe me money but its been over 7 months, still waiting……

  2. Santa Ant on

    Paypal close my account due to high transactions. I called them up and send them lots of emails about this issue. What is the problem with the transactions that were going on in my account. They were giving me the run around so much, that I said screw it, closed them up and went with a real merchant acccount that doesn’t give me that bs headache.