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I purchased a Louis Vuitton Handbag (which turned out to be FAKE) on E Bay.

By Julie

After I sent payment through Pay Pal I received an e mail from E Bay stating that the transaction was Null & Void due to the seller voilating E Bay policy. The seller told me to disregard since I had already sent payment.

I received the merchandise and did not want it. I tried numerous times to contact seller via e mail and after several days they responded giving me the address to ship it back to. After the sellerreceived the Handbag back I received an e mail stating that they would send funds back to me through Pay Pal, BUT that I had damaged the merchandise.

WHAT A TOTAL LIE! I checked my Pay Pal acct and there was a refund. Unfortunatly I made a mistake in retrieving my funds and it did not go through. I emailed the seller at least 5-6 times to resend payment and NO RESPONSE! I filed a claim with Pay Pal to reverse the transaction and called them numerous times to take care of the problem.

I received an email from them stating that they could NOT do anything and my claim was denied. I was out the merchandise and the money! After so many phone calls they told me to contact my credit card company. I did so and after a month Visa credited my account, but stated that they could rebill me if they find out the merchant was correct. I have since closed my Visa acct.

After a month and a half, Pay Pal contacted me via email stating that they are FINALLY investigating my complaint and they are reviewing the sellers response! This is AFTER Visa had credited me! I CANNOT believe the Buyers do not have any say so in what goes on with all the fraudulant activity on E Bay and retrieving funds through Pay Pal! I am still waiting to hear from Pay Pal as to what their decision is! If anyone has had a similar problem, please e mail me julez1068@aol.com

I took my credit card info off Pay Pal and will NEVER purchase anything though them again!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 10:55 am


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