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Inaccessible Funds

By Dale

I’ve tried to pay for things several time with PP.  Always, I am asked to provide an “expanded use” number (which you have to PAY to get) – because the limit you are given when opening an account is (suprise!)  0.00

 I allowed them to charge my credit card for this magic number.

I have tried to enter it  – unsuccessfully – “invalid number.”  After x number of attempts, the system locks you out.

Now is says to enter a new credit card number. What do you think the limit on that will be ?!?  Gee, will it require an expanded use number?

I have even tried to pay as a “non-account holder” via credit card – but the system recognizes the card number, and says “please log in” (duh)

We have excellent credit and no financial problem history of any kind — just a classic system SNAFU, and just TRY to reach someone to resolve a problem.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:59 am


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2 thoughts on “Inaccessible Funds
  1. Pamela Smiles on

    What is the problem with paypal? This is! That is absurd. I would not give them any new credit card info, it just opens the window of oppertunity for them to get their sticky little fingers all over your money. Walk away now. I stopped using them before they did any real damage, sure they threw me for a loop after holding funds for an obscene amount of time but I was able to learn from the ordeal.

  2. Taylor Rue on

    What is paypal thinking? The manor in which they operate their company has got to change. They need regular updates and technological scans to ensure problems like yours don’t continue to occur. It’s as if they just don’t care. I started using an alternate company to run my larger orders; after the dirt I’ve dug up on ebay, I just don’t feel confident in using them on a regular basis.