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Insult Added To Injury

By Sohie Sombo

So, Paypal tells you that you are protected when you buy an item ? You’d be a fool to believe them. Say you buy an item from ebay and pay via paypal, if the item you bought does not turn up, what can you do ? You complain via paypal, they give 10 days for the seller to respond to the complaint. Say you’re right and the seller should pay you, paypal will try to take money from the seller. The problem occurs when the seller has no money in his paypal account anymore. Clever trick ? Well that’ what happen everyday on paypal !

This is my story, I want it to be published entirely and I wish the names on this email to be published too.

I bought a few records from a guy called Drunk Muziq in 2004 via ebay for 250$. Paid via paypal. I received a package with half of the goods only. I Contacted the seller which never ever replied to my emails. I then decided to place a complain through paypal. Now watch the catch ! they ask you a few details about if the item arrived , or arrived but damaged, or arrived but not as described. Obviously I selected ‘not as described’. Next screen, it says in big: CASE CLOSED. Ah ah! , they protection policy does not work when an item arrived but not complete. I complained for 5 months, nobody replied to me and I lost my money.

This year, paypal added to the insult.

Same guy, started trading again under the name Drunk Music on ebay. I bought 200$ of records from him thinking this time they would be protection. The guy did not send the record and I complained via paypal again, stating I did not receive the goods. Now paypal accepted my complaint. Then they returned to me saying they could not recover the money because the account of the seller is empty! Of course it is empty! What do you think the seller is? Dumb ? I guess when you’re conning people you don’t hang around too long.

Now believe me paypal just like ebay is here to defend sellers, obviously it’s them who keep the business going. Buyer can just fuck off and be defrauded.

Now to finish this email i would like to publish the name and address of this seller who defrauded me twice.

His name is JEFF OVERTON, he is a famous music trader that loves to steal money. His address is:
14211 Lambeth way Tuston CA 92780 USA
There is also a phone number 714 2738714

Another of his fake addresses states: Drunk Music 4820 S Washington Elk city, OK 73644 United States

He uses many different email addresses including : drunkmusic@mac.com

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:15 pm


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5 thoughts on “Insult Added To Injury
  1. Jude on

    What is Paypal other than a scam?! They don’t do justice for anybody that uses their service. They say there is seller protection, MY ASS. Like you said Paypal just adds insult to injury…One way to do it is to call out the theives that know how to use Paypal to their advantage so that no one else gets taken by them but somehow we gotta sock it to Paypal where it hurts!

  2. Poppy on

    This is just some of what is wrong with using PayPal. They say you’re insured as a seller, they say our insured as a buyer but the truth is neither are taken care of. I had a dispute with an item that was grossly misadvertised, well I logged into the resolution center to report my issue and eBay PayPal said I was ineligible for a refund. I went berserk! The bottom line that it is at their descreation. They decide if you get the money back, I didn’t believe it until I read it in their super fine print.

  3. Edward T. on

    Paypal doesnt want to take the responsability to help anyone. They not only add insult to injury but they run away like they have nothing to do with it. Hello!!!!!!! if the seller doesnt have the funds in their account then, they need to get money out of their account and re pay the buyer back!!!! Not just do anything about it. Shady ass company. They cant be trusted for nothing.

  4. Eunice Louis on

    Haha I’m smiling at the though of this guy getting a massive amount of phone calls and threats coming in. What is paypal thinking when it comes to siding with buyers like this al the time? I think they are failing to realize that it is the SELLERS who they make money off of. Hell they were charging my upwards of 3% to run a transaction. I looked around and found a place that only takes 1.99% along with a low monthly fee.

  5. SH G on

    A mob of con banksters, I paid £1601 for a camcorder said to be in London UK and I recieved a crap from Hong Kong with NO invoice and NO duty fee follow up. Now this camcorder is not legal in Europe, I cannot use it and if the police ask for an invoice or duty etc… It will be confioscated and I would have to pay a fine for using what is a fake.
    Panasonic, the maker said they know the vendor BUT they ignore him and do not care if they sale their crap illegally.
    All the coprorates are simply the masters and we are the slaves.
    Paypal is the left hand of the US government as such they do as they like, they know they never will be under scrutiny from their partner in con business.