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Larceny, fraud and Paypal

An Octavio purchased a “NEW” 500GB SONY PLAYSTATION 3 unit from me on Ebay (121073016209). he filed a claim through payPal stating that the unit would turn on, but not off. PayPal frefunded his money and had it returned to me. When i got the item in return, i noticed that the 500 GB HDD had been removed and a 60GB HDD put in its’ place. I lso noticed that Octavio beat the hell out of my unit. There were deep scratches, blemishes, and sticky pop stains. The unit, was 100% functional, and a police officer was present (Norton Shores Police Department, Muskegon, MI). I filed a police report. The officer suggested to file a complaint with IC3. THe Officer witnessed the heavy cosmetic damage to the unit. He also witnessed that the unit, hooked up to my diagnostic tool, that the PS3 was 100% functional. There was nothing wrong with it. Also, the officer witnessed that the 500GB HDD was replaced with 60GB HDD and that the HDD seal had been removed. I sent the police report to PayPal, and still PayPal ruled in favor of the buyer. Now, i’m out $406.45, and am stuck with a unit i cannot sell, that was new before it left. The officer placed the report under fraud and larceny on behalf of the buyer, Octavio. I honestly don’t know how PayPal can get away with letting this fraud get away with murder.

Posted: April 8, 2013 at 4:41 pm


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One thought on “Larceny, fraud and Paypal
  1. Miranda on

    Sold a laptop and the same thing happened to me, the hard drive had been switched when the buyer returned it to me. Mind you I had a no return policy but paypal found in favor of the buyer who said it was not working (turning on) and issued him a refund once he posted the return tracking number. What I got back was a severely altered laptop not even worth half of what I sold it for. Paypal is doing NOTHING to help me.