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Limit to my Paypal account is going to put me out of business

I have used paypal now for a while. They limit your account without any notice! I have a furniture business and need to pay suppliers. PayPal have limited my account for 4 weeks now! It has been a stressful and depressing time. Business isn’t exactly booming. When I cant pay suppliers then the customers goods don’t get delivered and the customer naturally wants a refund. I get the bad reviews from customers whilst paypal sit there with my money! They had froze m account further because I was getting refunds they said. I explained why I was refunded customers as I had no money to pay suppliers. I also explained if they do not release my money then more customers with charge chargebacks and the account will go into minus making my company go bust. This doesn’t seem to bother them. Now if my account goes into minus and I cannot afford to carry on doing business whos fault is this? Will I be held liable when its their mistake? I think im going into depression

Posted: July 10, 2014 at 6:11 pm


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