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Limited account for 4 years

In 2011 I was selling my grandfathers items on ebay and had to split the money with my stepbrother so once a week I sent half via paypal . This went on for several months until paypal locked both accounts for fraud . Both me and my brother produced all paperwork and personal id that they requested but they where not at any point interested in letting us explain our side and they still will not lift the ban to this day .
As you all know you cant buy or sell on ebay without a paypal account and I now own a house clearance company and have lots that needs to go on ebay but 5 years on and they still will not lift the ban . I have just called them and the very rude lady said its not our problem if you cant buy or sell on the internet and laughed . Paypal are to big for there boots and just think they are god and small people are there to be squashed I think it is awful the way they treat people

Posted: March 6, 2015 at 5:14 pm


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