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Limited after first sale with PayPal

My account was limited after my first sale. The first reason was because of a chargeback, which I beat with seller protection, then they said my account was linked to another person “living in my house”. DUH!. Then after the money was returned back to my account, they told me I was permanently limited and my $1,690 was going to me held for 180 Fn days. For what? So they can get the interest on it??? What I really do not get is how they say it was limited due to a large abrupt shift in the items being sold by me ……IT WAS MY FIRST SALE WITH FCKPAL>>>>Make sense? No. I just fired off an email to every single email I found on a post from this site that said something on the lines of having limits removed in 4 HRS….We will see! I will post the outcome as soon as I hear.

Posted: July 11, 2014 at 6:36 pm


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