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Another loophole within Paypal system

I have paypal for years and i never had this problem until recently.
I sold my ebay item for around $340 and sent via USPS mailing service with delivery confirmation. That person received the item and the confirmation letter accepted the delivery. After 3 weeks after delivered, he filed a dispute claiming he did not received the item.

Why, because I didn’t included “signed” confirmation letter. I didn’t know and it’s not mandated. The buyer saw that the mistepped and dispute the item. Guess what, he got his money and my ebay item worth 350 dollar.

If this is something that protects the seller, it should be either mandate or clearly state in the seller.

Now, i looked at the ebay page, NOT PAYPAL page:


It stated:
Use signature confirmation on delivery of items of $750 or more.
- See more at: http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/seller-protection/best-practices/#sthash.ixOxqJpy.dpuf

so what’s going on? why am i the victim here???! Ebay and Paypal, shouldn’t they use the same RULES!:!?!?!?! I hate paypal and Ebay

Posted: September 17, 2014 at 6:23 pm


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One thought on “Another loophole within Paypal system
  1. Peter on

    I’ve used PayPal for years with no problem, now starting in 2015, they have this ridiculous new buyer protection thing where they withhold funds to the seller for 21 business days, and will not release said funds without proof of delivery and a positive feedback report from the buyer. So the buyer has his goods, the seller is screwed. I’m in Canada, so maybe the rules are a bit different for us up here, but PayPal now requires us to purchase the postage from Canada Post for the shipment to the buyer through PayPal, of course they take a nice percentage on this. This apparently gives PayPal a tracking number to prove the shipment was actually shipped and eventually received by the buyer. BUT, PayPal has no connection to the Canada Post tracking system, so the seller’s tracking number vanishes into thin air. When the seller contacts the buyer and asks for this positive feedback, the buyer finds nowhere on his PayPal account to submit such feedback, nor anywhere to submit proof that the buyer has received the good, i.e. the vanished tracking number. PayPal has e-mailed me that if the buyer does not submit these things within the stated 21 days, I loose my funds altogether, including the postage fees that PayPal has already withdrawn from my bank account registered with PayPal. FURTHER STILL, PayPal continues to make further withdrawals from my bank account, showing on my bank statement simply as “MISCELLANEOUS PAYMENTS PAYPAL PTE LTD”, this is on top of the withdrawals that show up on statement as “PAYPAL SERVICES TO CANADA POST”, very similar dollar values, making all this activity very suspicious. PayPal promises 24 hour response to my e-mails, but I’ve been waiting 20 days now for anything other than generic corporate spit out. PayPal is nothing buy a bunch of thieves!