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I have lost all my trust with PayPal

Well I don’t have a very compelling Paypal story, I am just getting started as an Internet Entrepreneur. My main issue with them so far is customer support, but my experience with that aspect of PP raises cred flags and trust issues for me, enough to make look for alternatives.

I live in Mexico and I would very much like to get my online business started. I have spent the last 2 years trying.
A few months ago, I thought Ebay would be a great way to get started but it was too complicated because payments would automatically get converted to pesos by my bank, I couldn’t receive dollars, at least not easily and then I would have to reconvert to dollars to get the products drop shipped to my customers because I could not get a PP credit card outside the US ( my reasoning was that if I received dollars in PP I could use the dollars in the account to make purchases in USD but that was not an option). This was going to dramatically eat into my already narrow profit margin. Moreover since I would have to front the money in order to be able to provide an acceptable turn around time for my customers. I obviously can’t wait 21 days or whatever to fulfill the order. SO combining those two main factors I decided I could not reasonably do business as an ebay seller. I was super disappointed. I would still really like to do business on ebay if I could find a way.

I am in the personal development niche , so I decided to create a paid subscription newsletter. Having to build the sales funnel all by myself was quite a challenge despite my experience as a graphics designer, copy writer and Web designer. The main problem for me is getting my auto responder to work with a PP subscription button. Now I have one if the main auto responders, so I didn’t think it would be a huge issue once I understood how it all worked. I am on a shoestring budget so I felt that PP would be my best option at the moment, although I knew it would not be perfect. So I created the buttons, I changed my ipn settings to integrate with my list etc. Along the way I had some questions about how things worked. I won’t go into the details but suffice to say that they were fairly innocuous questions certainly not unreasonable. In the first instance I received a canned answer explaining how to do what I had already done and not addressing my questions at all. I replied something to this effect asking for clarification and they have not come back to me ( but they have sent me a survey asking me to rate their Customer service!). I then implemented one button just fine but had trouble with a second button, which is identical, just for a different offer. The button is having technical issues I asked them if they could help me out in ferreting out the problem since it was their code. They replied that while they make their buttons available to their customers, they have no way of providing support. They told me to go find a web designer! Basically the gist seemed to be that they are doing me a favor by allowing me to use their service and I shouldn’t be bothering them with technical issues. Now I am fully aware that the problem could be at my end, but I wanted their assistance in figuring this out. All I needed was confirmation that the buttons code was fine ( or not) and that I had created it correctly ( so I eliminate a PP error from my trouble shooting). In addition, within the same three weeks or so, I had an experience as a buyer whereby I had bought a digital download product and had not received a link. I tried to contact the seller but received not reply. I honestly did not and do not think that the seller was malicious in this particular instance. Anyway, I thought there was a communication breakdown and since the product was not expensive and I felt I had spent enough time trying to solve the problem, I asked PP to help me get a refund ( the refund was guaranteed anyway, regardless of whether I was able to access the product so I didn’t think there would be an issue). Since I was having trouble getting in touch with the seller I thought PP could facilitate that part. After a couple of weeks they came back a told me they could not hep me in any way because it was a digital download! That , apparently, is a PP policy. OK fair enough I guess but they could still facilitate contact. I was not being confrontational nor was I angry I just wanted to figure out what had happened and get a refund. Now I would understand if there was no refund guarantee attached to the product.PP can argue , I guess that because it is a digital download, it is too hard to police whether or not the downlad has occurred. But in this case it didn’t matter because there is a refund guarantee regardless of whether I receive the product or not, So , so that the fact that I may already have downloaded it, is irrelevant. All I wanted was for them to shoot an email to the seller telling them to get in touch with me or something like that. Maybe that is unrealistic but it seems easy enough even to automate something like that. It doesn’t have to turn into a federal case.
So anyway that is just to illustrate that lately my experience with PP as both buyer and prospective seller has been poor.
As I have said, my story is not all that exciting but while a few months ago I had pretty good faith in Paypal and I thought it would be a good low cost payment processor alternative for getting started online, I now do not. The trust factor as both buyer and seller has been eroded to the point that I am willing to pay for a merchant account if I can find a good one that I can afford.

Posted: September 24, 2014 at 6:47 pm


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