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Maddening Customer Service

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Maddening ‘Customer Fobbing Off’ department

I’m glad to have found a site that is showing up Paypal. I agree they have the most amazingly poor “customer service”.  (Ha Ha ‘service’, should be called ‘customer fobbing off department’.)

I gave up with the experience I had over a year ago. I emailed them around 15, yes 15, times and EVERY TIME got a different person giving me some banal and pre-written advice on ‘what to do’, never once apparently reading my messages. I lost count of how many times I asked them to look back at what I’d said, asked them to pass the problem to a supervisor, told I couldn’t do the things they told me because their system wouldn’t let me!

I can’t tell you how infuriating the whole experience was; I have never used Paypal since, and will never use them again. Absolute crap. They are either completely incapable, completely lazy or selfish cheats.

On top of that, the actual initial problem was never resolved. Someone had bought some skis off me and paid me by Paypal. I then found the cost of transportation had trebled, and we decided mutually to cancel the transaction.

The problem was I had used some of the money to make a purchase myself, and the paypal system would not let me refund because of insufficient funds. But it also would not allow me to add any money either through my bank account, or any credit card – despite the fact they had TWO of my credit card numbers on their system! The only way to get enough money in the account would be to sell something to someone else who would pay by paypal!! I ended up having to send a cheque to this guy, as I had nothing else to sell!

What was worse, was not just all the hassle, but the fact they would not refund the costs of the transaction – something that would have occurred if I had been able to refund on the system. I kept telling them that I wasn’t ABLE to refund, and wasn’t able to add any money, and they kept telling me ‘go to page xyz and use the refund button’.

I’d tell them again that I wasn’t able to and they’d say ‘go to page xyz and use the refund button.’ Maddening, over and over again, just not reading what I was writing. Pat little phrases; they obviously decide ‘oh its about a refund I’ll use that standard phrase’ without looking at any of the content of the problem!

15 times is too much. They were ok until there was a problem. You just have to hope you never have a problem or that will be it. You will never get a response and it will never go to a senior person with any authority.

I ended up having to pay out costs and postage, for a mutually cancelled transaction that gave me no benefit whatsoever.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:48 am


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