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My money isn’t in my PayPal account anymore or in my bank account. It’s just gone

Hi. I’m so desperate. I lost my two-month salary on PayPal. If you can direct me or help me in any kind of way, I would greatly appreciate it. I really need the money. This is what happened:

I got paid via PayPal. I withdrew some some money in PHP currency and made another withdrawal for the USD currency on October 1. The same day, PayPal sent me an email telling me that the transfer has been completed and that I should expect the money by October 7.

I got paid again so I made another withdrawal on October 2 and again, on the same day, I got an email that the transfer is complete and I should expect the money in my bank account by October 7.

Come October 7, still no money. So I called the customer service for the bank I linked my PayPal to. They told me that regardless of what the email says, it takes 5-7 banking days for them to process the transfer. So I should expect all the money by October 11.

October 11: still no money, so I called Unionbank customer service again and they endorsed a complaint on my behalf and told me to call again by October 14. I called them this afternoon and customer service told me that there is no registered activity on my PayPal to my Unionbank account. I am so angry because that’s hard-earned money, more than PHP 6,000. I’ve been waiting for two weeks and nothing! They keep telling me to try again tomorrow. And they keep asking if PayPal sent me an email that the money has been refunded, as if I’m just trying to get the same money twice!

I am so angry and desperate and I really need that money. I can’t even express how much I need the money right now. They advised me to call again tomorrow because the complaint has been endorsed to the higher ups, but they have yet to receive feedback on the matter.

My money isn’t in my PayPal account anymore; neither is it in my bank account. It’s just gone. I don’t know if this is PayPal’s fault or the bank’s.

Posted: April 16, 2014 at 4:46 pm


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