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My PayPal Horror

By A. Doricic

Here is my horror story with paypal

My account was limited recently (Jan10th) and at that time there was $1200 in my account. My account is still limited after performing all tasks required by paypal. Such as adding bank account a 2nd credit card and faxing ID. After reviewing my account they informed by form e-mail that my account was linked or that I had other accounts with issues. They will not explain to me what they base these claims on. They said I need to resolve any issues before further review. How do I resolve something I have no idea or knowledge about?. There claims are completely false and I keep telling them this is a mistake and please help me. I told them many times and they will not respond with any details or how i go about anything.. It all started with paypal saying my account may have been compromised.” We need more info to return un interupted service”. I asked to clarify and no details were ever given.

This is my first account and I have been a member for 1.5 years without any problems until now. Possibly 500 transactions. My paypal rating is 450 or so. I informed a few of my customers that I cannot ship items until I have the funds. I advised about 5 people who were the last to pay me to file complaints to recover there funds. These complaints pretty much covered the $1200.00 frozen in my account As the complaints were filed paypal put temporary holds on the amount each person paid me. So for each compliant my balance in my account would shrink. Eventually it was about negative $100. Paypal would only give you 3 options of resolving a complaint. 1. Proof of a previous refund. 2. provide tracking info and 3. Proceed with refunding the full amount. So of course I wanted to refund as I didn’t ship any items. When I went to refund it would not allow me to do this. Stating my account is limited and you cannot send funds. Even though these funds belong to my customers and were being held by paypal. Figure that one out?

So I waited until paypal completed there investigation which takes about 10 days. So according paypal I didn’t respond to these complaints properly. This is impossible because they only give you the 3 options. I did e-mail paypal asking to make note that i did try to resolve the issues. Even though paypal put holds on the funds and the funds were in my account, they proceeded to tell the customers that they could not recover funds. Now how is this allowed to happen?. They are now frauding the people that sent funds in good faith to me.  I advised all the people involved to proceed with contacting there banks and credit card companies. As each complaint matured anyone that paid with bank funds were told by paypal that no funds could be recovered. Remember, paypal did hold the funds and removed it from my balance. They were lieing to my customers. again, how is this possible? Only 2 of my customers that happened to pay with credit cards received there funds back without further action. They at least had the option of a chargeback. The funny thing is that one of the customers that paid with credit card only received about 80% of there payment and was told by paypal that they will need to pay a $35 fee. But not the other guy. He got his full refund. Now this is showing me that paypal is doing whatever they please when they please and this is completely unfair. They have made me look like a scammer and crook that is trying to screw with people. Most of the customers were great to deal with and did understand and actually trusted me. I also took it upon my self to proceed with sending the items that people paid for even though paypal did not return there money. Meaning all the people who paid with debit or bank funds. So now I took the loss. My account is still frozen.  How is this fair to me or my customers?.

As it stands my balance is down to about $600.00 from the original $1200.00 that was frozen. this is after 5 separate customers complaints were filed and investigated. Now tell me how anyone is protected with paypal? this prooves you are not protected. If I was dishonest, the people who paid me with out a credit card were left in the dust with no way to recover funds. How is this safe as paypal claims?. Think about it.

About 1 week later I advised another 2 customers to file complaints. These complaints totaled $800.00. Not even 3 days later I was contacted by a ebayer I had bought some items from and paid with paypal. The purchase totaled $700.00 They informed me that paypal removed my payment of $700.00 made 45 days ago from there paypal account.  The strange thing is that I have no e-mails or record of this in my paypal account. Meaning, paypal did this action in secret. They told the seller that the funds  maybe be unauthorized and they will hold them while they investigate. So now, not only is paypal messing with me and my account without any good reason. They have now removed funds from another paypal member. Also, my funds sent to this seller were funds from my paypal account which are from ebay sales and not a credit card and wasn’t initiated by me in anyway. They are doing this behind my back.  They are telling a 3rd party that I’m under investigation but they fail to inform me of this by e-mail, phone or even recording this in my paypal account for me to see. Where does this out rite fraud and madness stop? This is just magical.Its a free for all with paypal. I plead with anyone that can help me. I live in Canada and Paypal has no offices in my country. So I’m not sure what I can do legally. I am awaiting my attorneys response and hopefully he can help which will cost me further funds I cannot afford. But I think my story should be heard. I was advised bywww.nopaypal.com to contact the attorney General in Nebraska and California where paypal has there offices. I have done this but I have no idea what will come of this. Its now been 50 days and no end in sight. paypal doesn’t respond to me and will not answer anything by phone or e-mail anymore. They also hung up on me.

Nice huh?

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:44 am


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