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Non-profit having Paypal problems

Paypal limited account with 1200 dollars in PP account VIA Ebay sales. We began the process outside paypal for our non-profit status 5013c. Completed locally in state federally is extensive and time consuming, We had applied through PP because we did not realize that federal took so long, when PP asked for 5013c we showed proof it was in process and our nonprofit status should be final in 6-11 months max. PP locks the account and will not allow us access to our funds until the non profit is complete. We have 50 Plus ebay orders cannot even print shipping for with the money In PP because the account is locked, rep on the phone said could be as much as 6-11 months until non profit status is final. This is crazy, we were merely trying to get the ball rolling and did not realize that the account would be locked. Ebay and paypal are our primary means of fundraising (HeroPets4HeroVets) to match up homeless animals with disabled vets, I guess this puts these guys on hold
for 6- 11 months as well,Frustrating.

Posted: December 11, 2012 at 5:39 pm


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