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Order Not Delivered

Hello. I’ve been ebay for some time now but the following has never happened to me before…

I did not know but one of the orders from the rest that I’ve made this year was under a guest account even though I had logged into my account. The item is a Sailor Moon Costume and it’s been past the date where I should’ve gotten it. I could not remember the username for the guest account but after my sister (I used her card to buy things) got a transaction sheet showing what I had ordered it and I saw the item.

I had called ebay two different times and now they’ve told me to call the card company to get my cash back. But I wanted to know if there is something that maybe PayPal can help with, this has been a stressful time because I’ve had to cancel a lot of things because my costume did not come. I would want to continue with ebay but I’m sorry but I am not sure anymore about doing that.

Posted: April 11, 2014 at 7:01 pm


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