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AboutPaypal.org is an Anti-Paypal website created with the sole purpose of exposing the horrors of doing business "The PayPal Way". We are committed to assisting the public in making an informed decision about PayPal.

This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Buyer gets refund 5 months after receiving item

I shipped a pair boots to a buyer. The boots were brand new. They still had the price tag on them. I received my money and everything was fine. But almost 5 months later I received an email stating the … Continue reading

PayPal sent my money to the IRS

I bought T-Mobile Reloadit card serviced by MoneyGram Blackhawk Network California Inc. at Vons California. I loaded 5000 to this card and the card is locked by Paypal’s risk department. I called paypal and they forced me to send a … Continue reading

Things were looking good until paypal limited my account

I recently moved and I’m a struggling student. I spent all the money I had in my savings for four iPhones on craigslist which were a good deal at 1500 for all 4. These were all legitimate phones that were … Continue reading

PayPal Sychrony Bank

It is very wrong when PayPal/EBAY force sellers to choose the green circle with a plus (+) sign instead of the red circle with a minus (-) sign. All feedback written is negative. When I called several times & emailed … Continue reading

Paypal holding funds unfairly

Yesterday after a buyer paid for one of my items on eBay I noticed a message saying that Paypal were holding my funds for 21 days as there had been a problem with one of my transactions and they are … Continue reading

Paypal Credit (think twice about this)

First time to post something like this, but others need to know. I was attempting to pay a bill using Paypal and in my payment options the main one that came up was PayPal Credit. Since I use PayPal as … Continue reading

Shut down and no access to my money

I started selling on ebay on consignment after having my account in excellent standing for 12 years. Because of the increased activity, Paypal has frozen my account, demanding info. I provided invoices for the products I sold, like they asked … Continue reading

Inside sabotage by PayPal

Had an account with them until they decided to freeze my account for “suspicious” activity. The problem was, I hadn’t performed any suspicious activity. PayPal has someone working on the inside to produce suspicious activity if they even think that … Continue reading

10 years, 6400 good feedback and PayPal treated me like crap.

I have been selling on e-bay and using Pay Pal right with it. I have 6400 very good feedback. I sold a customer a commercial freezer in Dec,15th 2014. A month and a half later he complained it was not … Continue reading

Suspicious activity is a bogus excuse to keep your money.

March 25th for no reason my eBay account is suspended for “suspicious activity.” Surprisingly I sold only two items of which eBay overcharged me and claimed it was a mistake and i would be re-reimbursed the next month! Regardless, I … Continue reading