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AboutPaypal.org is an Anti-Paypal website created with the sole purpose of exposing the horrors of doing business "The PayPal Way". We are committed to assisting the public in making an informed decision about PayPal.

This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Tired of PayPal and their BS

I have used PayPal for over 10 years as a buyer in very limited transactions through ebay. Recently (3 months ago) I started selling on ebay with PayPal and have sold over $7500 worth of goods ($750 earning for eBay … Continue reading

5 days to receive money sent to me via PayPal.

Ok someone I know sent me money. PayPal has it. I requested for my money to be sent to my bank. And now they can hold it up to 3-5 days?. Are you serious I need the money now. It’s … Continue reading

PayPal Dispute not resolved

Paypal always sides with the seller because they drive the revenues, buyers get no protection from using Paypal…. Even when the seller doesn’t perform as they commit. I ordered a part with second day air, only after I complained 20 … Continue reading

Another loophole within Paypal system

I have paypal for years and i never had this problem until recently. I sold my ebay item for around $340 and sent via USPS mailing service with delivery confirmation. That person received the item and the confirmation letter accepted … Continue reading

Paypal doesn’t care about “little people”

I have had a $400 line of credit (“smartconnect”) account for more than five years. Due to password problems, and PayPal customer “support” telling me they couldn’t help me, I paid off the balance in full. Fast forward one month. … Continue reading

PayPal Mastercard data breach

No option on phone to talk to customer rep. Had to hit “0″ 45x’s to get past initial autoBS. Had to press “0″ 20x’s more to get past 2nd level automatedBS. Got someone (bad english) named Joseph who was no … Continue reading

Asked to verify account twice

Plain and simple, I have a verified account with PayPal that has been limited because they wish to re-verify my account…and need copies of SSN, Picture ID, Proof of address etc…yet they will allow selling and buying to continue on … Continue reading

Negative feedback posted for no reason

My name is Patty and have been a member of Ebay for a few years now. Originally i signed up in 1989 but do to a different account it has been only a few years this time. I am a … Continue reading

My Payments are rejected by PayPal

I am an American currently in West Africa. I have used PayPal in the past, but always with great difficulty. Now, recently I made two purchases with PayPal, no problem, I thought the months and months of problems with them … Continue reading

Paypal gave away my grandpa’s marine watch

I sold a marine watch from my grandpa on ebay, and was forced to accept paypal. I did. So auction ended, I got 1800 $ via paypal and 4 seconds after that a mail, that my account is frozen and … Continue reading