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I have to pay return shipping if I want refund

To make a long story short, I purchased an item described as new, got it and it doesn’t work.

PayPal then has the nerve to tell me that I am responsible for paying the return shipping fees, in order to get a refund.

So essentially, I am being robbed of my money, to correct a worthless piece of stupid shit, that can’t even sell a working item on eBay. Last time I used Paypal or eBay for online shopping

Here’s the video of the item, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aosS9YZgWiI

Posted: June 5, 2012 at 3:23 pm


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5 thoughts on “I have to pay return shipping if I want refund
  1. TommyBoy on

    I hate PayPal. Can’t stand them. Buyers lose, sellers lose. Paypal is the only winner. I am 100% with you. Why should you pay for something that is not your fault? And what’s to say that Paypal even refunds you the money after you pay for the return shipping? Nothing. They have been known to not pay up. I liked your video documentation. I am sure Paypal won’t even bother looking at it. Tracking number is all they ever care about

  2. MIKE on

    My wife and I are currently dealing with a similar situation, where an item was received that was nothing near the item purchased. After several attempts to correct this, paypal 1st tells us that we have to file a police report with our local authorities? When contacting local officials we were told that this is a civil matter only and that no police report would be able to be filed. This information was given to paypal at which time they told us that the entire shipment needed to be returned to the seller and all shipping would be at our expense. We are currently awaiting the final resolution in this matter, and I have the feeling that we will be put though more anguish before this is resolved. Will be closing my paypal account for good after this matter is finalized as most banks now have ach transfer options with certain accounts. PayPal should be ashamed of their treatment of buyers as they are obviously only interested in getting paid their fees then moving on.

  3. Jackson Bold on

    Shopping online with using paypal really sucks!!!! i was told the same thing when i wanted to return this juice maker that didnt work. I am with you on this one. I end up not returning it for i didnt think it was right that i had to pay for the shipping on something i didnt work when it was sent to me. they have no customers service skills. I never used them again.

  4. Gavin on

    If you paid for the product through a credit card file a charge back. I do agree paypal SUCKS! The only winner is paypal. This is why I will never use them again. You get screwed is you are a seller or buyer, It’s always a lose,lose situation when dealing with paypal

  5. DealWithIt on

    Thank god paypal and ebay make the buyer pay return shipping if they want to return something they buy on ebay. Sellers already get shitted on daily due to Ebays policy of always side with the buyer. No matter what the buyer will always get a refund no matter how wrong they are. They can break an item and still send it back, shit they can send back a rock and still get a refund. The last thing they need to do is on top of that make the seller refund all the money, including the shipping it cost to send the item, and pay to get their item back everytime a buyer decides they changed their mind on a purchase, or broke something, or something didnt fit because they ate to many donuts. They already get preferencial treatment.