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Paypal Account Freeze

Hi there,

I recently opened a number of disputes against a foulplaying Hong Kong based company that unjustly jailed a game account that i own which has over $960 USD worth of funds inputted through paypal.

I have a total of 20 disputes which need to be escalated into a claim. Now i can no longer access the resolution center . I have tried everything possible from clearing my temporary files , clearing my cache , restarting my pc multiple times .. I have even tried it from 4 different computers at different locations on different networks and i get the same result every time .. Request timed out … so the server is not responding to my request to load the resolution page .

I have sent paypal and Email through their poor email system where you have to select something that comes ” close ” to what your looking for, However i clearly stated that my problem is nothing to do with the thing i picked and continued to give a semi-thorough explanation of my circumstances. My first response from PayPal was a scripted email regarding the problem ticket i selected ..” password or account problem ” . Upon replying to the email explaining that this is nothing to do with my problem and questioning them as to whether they read the email and explaining my situation and need of access to the resolution center i received a second email explaining how to escalate to a claim Via resolution center .

But i cannot access the resolution center , which means i cannot escalate it to a claim by the 10/01/2014 then i will not be able to open up the dispute again in turn loosing all my money spent on my game account etc etc .

My case i backed up by the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993 of New Zealand , and Fair Trades Act of New Zealand stated in my 2500 word + message to the seller posted with each disputed transaction ID .

I am begging for help to get a valid response from PayPal or an actual form of help so that i can have my problem resolved , Or if unable to prompt a response from paypal then i would like to know how i would go about taking PayPal or PayPal representatives to court in regards to damages claims.
From what i’ve learned about PayPal , of how much they drag each step out, i really don’t have much left . :(

Posted: October 1, 2014 at 6:54 pm


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